Everyone one wants their relationship to work. if yours is not work or you want to improve your, the try this top ten relationship advice.

Relationships can make us live a happy or sad life. this happy or sad live can depend on some of the actions we take in our relationship. This are some things you can do in your relationship to make it a happy one.

Share your daily experience

Sharing your daily experience with your partner can help you both. Whiles sharing what happened in your day with your partner, this will be a great avenue to relax and to take stress out of day.

Have boundaries

Boundaries are essential in our lives, they show as our limits. When you are in a relationship you need to put down some boundaries, whether you’ve been in the relationship for days, weeks, or years you need boundaries. You need to let your partner know the boundaries in the relationship, this will make everyone feel relaxed and comfortable in the relationship.


Honesty is a priceless commodity to have in a relationship. When there is honesty in a relationship, there is free flow of information. Thou confiding in people about some sensitive topics may be hard to do, you need to be transparent as possible. Even however small you see a problem, you should be able to let your partner know about it, so you don’t have it come up later.


Things to do in a relationship are many, but physical touch is one of the best ways to get connected with your partner. Body contact makes people feel close to each other, so when you are in a relationship, you should increase body contact to keep the relationship warm.

Check on your partner

It is always good check on people on how they are faring during the day. But even more important when you are in a relationship. When we check up on our partners

Encourage each other

Everybody needs some form of encouragement in whatever they are doing. Whether your partner is facing problems in their personal, working or any other aspect of their life, they need your encouragement. So, showing your support to them in their difficult times will be appreciated by them.

Accept compromise

Every relationship has two individuals coming together, since they are two different individuals, there is always going to be misunderstandings and differences in the relationships. So, since there will be misunderstandings and differences the best solution will be to compromise sometimes in the relationship. Compromising in a relationship shouldn’t mean you have to give up your principles and beliefs, but you would have to accept compromise to balance the relationship. Note that you are not going to get it your way every time.

Give compliments

As human beings, we all like to be given compliment, whether it is about our physical qualities or inner qualities, we love to be complimented. So when you are in a relationship, you should be able to compliment your partners about how they are attractive to you.


Almost everyone likes to travel and even more so with loved ones. Traveling to new locations with your partner could further deepen the bond between you two. Not only does it deepen your bond, but it also allows you both to to know how better you can adapt in new locations together and also more time to have conversations about your relationship.

Work out together

Everyone likes to physically strong, fit and healthy. When you are in a relationship, and you want to exercise but also have to spend time with your partner. The best way to combine both things is to work out together. Whiles, you work out together you also get a chance to spend time with each other.

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