Top 10 Things You Don’t Have To Do In A New Relationship

There are many things which break up a relationship. Meeting the wrong people or rushing up some things in the relationship?

This article will help you to decide on the best ways to go about a new relationship. The article provides you with the top ten things you don’t have to do in a new relationship.

These are the top 10 things you don’t have to do in a new relationship.

Saying "I Love You" prematurely.

Love is an emotion that needs to be built to a stronger level with time. It is also arguably the strongest emotion we have as humans. So, when you say I love you, you have to make sure you mean what you are saying.

Losing your sense of self.

Individuality is a good thing to have in a relationship. Thou a relationship requires two individuals learning to become one, you both are still individuals.

Over call or text.

You don't want to make it seem like your life is all about the relationship or that you're needy. So, try to keep things cool and slow in the relationship, give good distance between calls and text.

Taking your new partner to family gatherings,

Taking your new partner to a family gathering is not ideal. thou you want your partner to feel comfortable around you, that is not the best way to go about it. you can take a partner to family gathering if the relationship is at a serious stage and has meet some of you family member already, then you take your partner to any family gathering of your choice.

Talking about the future US to soon.

When you have just started a new relationship, you don’t have to start talking about a future together with you partner, because you don’t want to scare them away. You need to focus on the present and try and build a strong connect with you partner before you start talking about the future

Bringing friends and family into minor arguments.

Brining friends and family into minor arguments is a No No. thou it is good to get advice from family and friend on relationships problems. It is not advisable to ask them for advice on every little problem. So, if it's a small argument, you should be able to discuss it with your partner and find a solution.

Asking too many of your single friends for advice.

Taking relationships advice from single friend could be risky. People who are single may not give you good relationships advice because they are doing something else in their life’s. but if you still want to get advice from single friends, then you should choose wisely.

Expecting your partner to be a mind reader. Communicate!

Communication is a vital tool in every aspect of our life as individuals today. If you cannot communicate with your partner on issues which are bordering you in your relationship, then there is no reasoning for continuing the relationship. Your partner can’t be a mind reader to know what’s bordering you. so, communication should be a vital tool in your relationship.

Putting your private affairs on social media.

Haters are everywhere even on the internet. Everyone doesn't need to know everything because when that happens everyone is then allowed to have an opinion on your relationship. if you can’t deal with negative opinions about your relationship then don’t put your private affairs on social media.

Sharing bank accounts.

When you are not married or in a strategically monogamous relationship, then sharing a common bank account is not ideal for you. especially when your relationship is young and breaks up early, sharing the funds in the account could be difficult.

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