5 Common Traveling Mistakes First Time Travellers Make

5 Common Traveling Mistakes First Time Travellers Make

1. Not knowing the exchange rate

You may think it is impossible for a traveler to travel without knowing or forgetting the exchange rate of the country he/she is traveling to but this is very common among first time travellers. Not knowing the exchange rate of the country you are traveling to could put you at a risk of getting scammed.

2. Forgetting your insurance

Travel insurance is not that popular among travelers, but it is a very important aspect of traveling that most travellers ignore or think they won’t need it. What happens when you get sick with a huge hospital bill or lose your luggage which needs to be replaced? A little advice, be sure to get travel insurance no matter the length of your trip and make sure to check which type of insurance covers the types of activities you tend to do while on your trip.

3. Displaying your passport and money 

Your passport and money are the two things which really matter when you travel. Nothing else matters when you travel than those two, because everything can be acquired in your place destination. Putting those items on display is a bad idea. Apart from this two there are also some important things you may like to hide like expensive jewels, watches etc. You could leave all these important things in a locker or safety deposit box in your hotel room or your place of accommodation.

4. Disrespecting and ignoring foreign culture

One of the mistakes travelers make is to think they are still practicing their country's culture, tradition, customs, and laws in another country. This could trigger the people of the country to feel disrespected and may try to attack you in other to make you respect their culture and tradition. So, it will be smart of you to learn and educate yourself about the things you can do and not do in the country of visit.

5. Not taking cash on your travels 

When traveling to less advanced countries it is important to have cash on you. Most less advanced countries are not that advanced in technology, so you may go to a shop to buy something and find out that they only accept cash and not debit cards. 

Here are my 5 Common mistakes that most first travellers makes. What's yours?

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