30 Things Girls Like About Guys You Need to Know

There are so many guys out there that are probably wondering what girls may like and not like about them. Well, girls like good guys and cute bad guys. And if you're still wondering what they actually like about you, then you should probably read this to the end. 

Things Girls Like About Guys You Need to Know

What Do Girls Like in Boys?

Here is a list of 30 great things girls like about guys. Although girls may differ in opinions and choices, if you follow this little guide on what they like about you, you might be lucky to find a girl who's really into you.

30 Little Things Girls Like About Guys

  • Girls love self-confidence.
  • Girls like guys with a sense of humor.
  • They love it when you smile.
  • Girls love when you showcase your talents for them.
  • Be positive! Girls love it when a guy has a positive attitude.
  • Girls are attracted to guys who are hygienic and take good care of themselves.
  • Girls are interested in guys who have good social skills.
  • Girls love guys who aren't afraid to take chances.
  • The BIG one! Girls love guys who can keep his promises.
  • They love to hear about your hopes, dreams, and goals. It makes them feel secured knowing you won't settle for less but thrive. 
  • They love guys who are smart and aren't afraid to show it.
  • They love it when guys are cute with animals, or when they show off their paternal side.
  • They like it when you do something they love with them even though it isn't really your thing.
  • Girls like it when you show them off to your friends and family.
  • They always want you to make the first move.
  • They love it when they catch you staring at them.
  • Girls like to know that you're thinking about them.
  • Girls love when you randomly send them a cute or romantic message.
  • They love it when you send them a "Good morning" text.
  • Girls love when you ask them about their day.
  • Buy them something special randomly. A gifts is always welcomed.
  • Girls love being given cute nicknames.
  • Girls love when you cook for them.
  • They love it when their man tells them they're beautiful.
  • Girls love guys that take their opinions into consideration.
  • Girls like guys that take them out to shopping. 
  • Everyone likes stories and so do girls. Tell them stories about your childhood.
  • This is a little too cute. But hey, girls love it when you put your hand in their back pocket.
  • Girls love guys that encourage them to accomplish their goals.
  • Girls love it when you kiss them. Especially when you kiss their forehead, cheeks or hand.
I hope this help you in understanding what girls like about guys. Share if you find it helpful. 

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