30 Relationship Questions To Ask Your Lover

When you're in a relationship, there are some questions you need to ask and should get answers to. This questions helps you understand your partner better and sometimes helps you understand your position in the relationship.

30 Relationship Questions To Ask Your Lover

There are a lot of questions you can ask your partner when you're in a relationship but what questions should you ask? Here, we have put together 30 relationship questions that you can or should ask your partner today if you haven't already. Don't limit yourself to these questions. Develop your own questions and get them put answers to it.

30 Relationship Questions To Ask Your Lover

1. Do you really love me?
2. Why do you love me?
3. Would you relocate for love?
4. Would you be open to disclosing all your health issues to me?
5. What do I do that makes you dislike me?
6. What would you describe as cheating?
7. If I hang out with a friend of the opposite sex would you be jealous?
8. What’s the craziest thing you’d be willing to do for me?
9. Do you respect my beliefs?
10. What is your biggest sexual turn off?
11. What was your first impression about me?
12. Are you willing to compromise your happiness for a successful relationship?
13. What is the most special memory of us that you hold?
14. Would you forgive my mistakes easily?
15. Would you apologize if you wrong me?
16. Do you trust me?
17. Do you think confessions makes a relationship stronger?
18. Will you ever change anything for me?
19. Would you lie to make me happy and where would you draw the line?
20. Am I your perfect partner?
21. If I cheated on you, would you ever forgive me?
22. Do you accept me as I am?
23. What’s more important, sexual chemistry or spending time together?
24. Do you like babies/how many kids would you like to have someday?
25. How often do you think of me?
26. What’s your wildest sexual fantasy that you’d want to try with me?
27. What makes you happy?
28.  Do you see me in your future?
29. Would you say yes if I ask you to marry me?
30. What makes you attracted to me?

What do you think about these relationship questions? Have you asked your lover any of these questions and what other questions did you ask? Do share them with us.

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