A Clean Beach is Our Job to Keep

Along the coastal lines of Ghana are numerous beaches stretching from remote locations to areas of geographical proximity
Along the coastal lines of Ghana are numerous beaches stretching from remote locations to areas of geographical proximity. For one to say he's unaware of this cliché will indeed be outlandish. Under some circumstances, an awkward stare will be greeted by such an unfortunate comment. Such is the testament of the numerous beaches in and around every community in Ghana.

dirty beach

Tourists, both domestic and international, throng beaches for a host of reasons not limited to sun bathing, sea surfing and sober reflections. It is not at all alien to us. Yet, the obvious question that lingers on a couple of minds here is “but how clean are these very beaches to accommodate these tourists?” This long standing question has for sometime now put prospective tourists off visiting most beaches, if not all beaches, to which we are well aware of. The dire need to keep our beaches clean, that is, free from acts of human irresponsibility or whatsoever has led to this campaign; a fight against unclean beaches. It is a fight incumbent on each and every patriot. A lot of tourism enthusiasts will agree with me that visiting the beaches to enjoy nature in it's natural form should not be impaired by open human excretions, flying plastic bags, sand winning activities, et al, hence, the need to keep the beaches clean at all times.

Ghana boasts a couple of high profile beaches including the notable Labadi beach, La Palm royal beach, Anomabo Beach Resort, Bojo Beach and the Kokrobite Beach, among a million number of beaches in the country. The demand for these beaches among other unnamed beaches, irrespective of their present state of filth is mesmerizing. Yet, have you imagined the numbers the beaches will garner should we push this agenda to its limit for a clean beach? I am sure you clearly haven't considered it. To say the least, numbers to these beaches will arguably be astronomical. If this fight is well fought, who knows, tourism may take a front seat on the economic scoreboard of the country.

On a touristic echelon where a lot of factors come into play with regard to tourist flow, the campaign for a clean beach can not and should not be downplayed by industry players. The onus is on you and I as industry players to make tourism proud. To make tourism that which we always have craved for it to be. Now is the time to own bragging rights as an industry. Let's clean our beaches, for a clean beach is a must for us to ensure!

By: Ocloo CreativeMind, 2018
(Creative Writer, Novelist)

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