Xandy Kamel Fires Back at Critics for Removing Panties on TV

Xandy kamel fires back at critics she received for removing her panties on tv.

Xandy kamel fires back at insults she received for removing her panties on tv.

Xandy wasted no time in responding to critics after she removed her panties on T.v

The actress feels there's nothing wrong with what she did and explained she only did this to educate the public on how sex scenes are being shot in movies.

She also added that she doesn't care about the backslashes as she only gets more beautiful, finer and her bank account  is still loading.

These are her words...

“It’s normal, in life if you have everybody liking you then it means you are not a human being. You don’t have to be liked by everybody.”

“I was there to educate Ghanaians on how some sex scenes are being made on tv and unfortunately, some of the viewers took just the short video of when my part was removed. If you insult me, I grow more beautiful, finer, my bank account is still loading", she added.

“Funny enough, when I do something and people are backlashing me, the only people I think about is my family and my man. The more they insult me, he showers more love on me. It is helping me, it is making my relationship tighter” , she disclosed.

Do you think education is enough reason to remove your panties on t.v.? Xandy could be right but you her fans know better.

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