Man's Manhood Fractured During S3x, Then Swelled to the Size of a Bottle

Man's Manhood Fractured During S3x, Then Swelled to the Size of a Bottle

A man's penis snapped while having s3x with his girlfriend and it made his male member swell to the size of a wine bottle.

Sean Marsden, who is 48, was injured while making love to his girlfriend Louise Gray, 36. According to him, he heard a ‘crack’ after he slipped into the pelvis of his girlfriend. This left him writhing in pain that was ‘off the scale’.

Sean says he knew instantly something was wrong and quickly, they dialled 999. He was taken to Royal Shrewsbury Hospital where doctors gave him morphine to dull the pain.

Doctors later carried out a ‘penile exploration’ and told him he had damaged muscles before discharging him the next day with a temporary catheter, pain killers, a plastic rod along his shaft and his penis wrapped in bandages.

He said his penis swelled to ‘the size of a wine bottle’ soon after the incident and he was unable to walk properly. It was also revealed that, not only had he fractured his penis, he also tore his urethra.

Doctors told him he would have to avoid having sex for a month. But Marsden, who says he has a high sex drive, lasted only 3 weeks before he began having sex again.
However, he’s said he doesn’t want a repeat of the situation.

He told The Sun:
I am definitely going to be more careful in the future. We need to be more gentle because I can’t afford for that to happen again.

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