Man Who Dated a Cockroach Says Girls Are Not as Attractive as His Cockroach Lover

Man Who Dated a Cockroach Says Girls Are Not as Attractive as His Cockroach Lover

A Japanese man who dated a cockroach for a year, until it died naturally, explains what their relationship was like and how he had s3x dreams with her. He also added that human girls couldn't compare in beauty to his cockroach lover.

Yuta Shinohara is somewhat of a bug connoisseur in Japan where he’s made a name for himself in insect cuisine. He bought a cockroach from Africa and the insect became his girlfriend. He said she was 'the one' for him and he wanted her to ‘live forever’ within him.

So, when the cockroach died a year into their relationship (cockroaches have an average life span of one year), Yuta ate her so she will forever live in him.

Nature love Yuta explained to Asian YouTube channel Asian Boss, how he bought the cockroach – lovingly named Lisa - chan – from Africa and even had s3x dreams about her.

He, however, pointed out that they didn't have s3x in real life because, according to him, ‘the size doesn’t fit’.

He said he had s3x with her in his imagination, by imagining she was supersized and he became small.

When the interviewer asked how he communicated with cockroach Lisa, he said:
It could’ve been my imagination, since I got too attached over time, that I started to feel as if we were communicating.

We were 100% serious. No human girl was as attractive as Lisa. Lisa was my first love, I pictured doing it with her many times because I really liked her.

I know it’s impossible but I imagined a world where cockroaches become supersized or I become small.

Yuta also has a favourite tree which he calls ‘Heaven’ that he enjoys napping on. Yuta showed the presenter of the channel his fave tree as he spoke about his one true love.

Yuta is known in Japan and has made a name for himself serving insect cuisine. He has organised events serving bug cocktails, insect pastries and ramen with crickets and mealworms. So, when his cockroach lover died, it was no surprise that he decided to turn her into a meal.
Speaking of the death of his cockroach lover, Yuta said:

The day she passed away was difficult but I knew it had to come since she was a cockroach with a short life span.

With that in mind, I ate her in reverence.
So now, Lisa lives in my heart and continues living as part of my body.

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