Unbelievable: Former Anorexic & Drug Addict Looks Different After Spending $1M on Surgery (Photos)

You won't believe what this former anorexic and drug addict now looks like after she spent a whopping $1million on surgery (Photos)

Unbelievable: Former Anorexic & Drug Addict Looks Different After Spending $1M on Surgery (Photos)
Unbelievable: Former Anorexic & Drug Addict Looks Different After Spending $1M on Surgery (Photos)

Former anorexic and drug addict reportedly spent a whopping $1 million (£776,370) on surgery to help her recover from her struggles in life.

The 28-year-old Klara Lima (also known as Kitana Savage) who lost both parents at a tender age is originally from the Czech Republic. She became a drug addict and developed anorexia soon after losing her parents.

The 28 year old model who has gone through body enhancements to transform her look says she's now the woman she has always wanted to be after spending $1million on surgery.

Speaking about her troubles and how she confronted them, Klara who travels between London, Miami, and Dubai said: 'I got into drug addiction heavy, like big time. I would do cocaine, not to be hungry.

'I was doing from one to five grams a day. I was smoking two packets of cigarettes a day. I was drinking booze. I ate fast food. I completely gave up on my life.

'The self-protection instinct worked well because when I actually see something is not working for me anymore, I just give it up. I just leave it.

'I like to transform. I like to be better. I didn't want to look like an average European girl or even a beautiful European girl. I wanted to look like the way I look right now.'

Speaking about how her childhood was a contrast between luxury, due to her parents wealth, and suffering. She said: 'My childhood was like heaven and hell. I had a luxury childhood but I was bullied in school so it was like 50-50.

'As a kid, I was definitely very wild. I was escaping to nightclubs since age 12. I just did whatever I wanted. I was smoking weed. I was drinking since I was a kid.'

Klara inherited her parent's wealth after losing both parents in a plane crash at age 17. However, she didn't think given a child so much money at an early age is a good thing. She said: 'It's very dangerous to give a lot of money to a young person without any guardians or control.'

'I developed anorexia and bulimia. I started to do drugs. I gained 40 kilos. People would be laughing at me because I looked very ugly,' she added.

'Bulimia is actually the worst. I guess it's worst because this is something you can't really control.

'Anorexia is all about control, so it became obsession. But Bulimia is obsession without control,' She concluded.

Do you think Klara's new look is worth the sum? Spending a whopping 1million dollars just to look good.

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