OMG: Bride’s “Makeup Transformation” Shocks Everyone Including the Groom.

The Bride’s “Makeup Transformation” Shocked Everyone Including the Groom.

Currently makeup techniques are extremely developed, according to many people, to a certain degree, makeup can help people “transform” like plastic surgery. However, if makeup is abused, it is likely that no one will want to suffer.

A young girl desires to be as beautiful as Barbie doll on wedding day.

OMG: The Bride’s “Makeup Transformation” Shocked Everyone Including the Groom.
OMG: The Bride’s “Makeup Transformation” Shocks Everyone Including the Groom. 

Recently, an Indonesian bride has caused everyone at the wedding, including the groom to panic when appearing with his “not like human” face.

According to the information posted, like many other brides wanting to stand out at the wedding, the Indonesian bride wants to fulfill her dream from a young age, which is gorgeous like a Barbie doll.

After thinking carefully, the bride trusted the makeup artist, stating the idea of dressing up as a doll bride. Although she has exchanged many times with the bride but before her determination, the makeup expert still has to follow the customer’s will.

But because the bride’s skin is quite dark, when dressed as a Barbie doll, the make-up expert has to make the foundation very white, creating a small nose shape, making the eyes of the big bride unusually and more sparkling with the lenses green Blue.

The groom “scares to death” when standing next to the bride
Overall, the bride looks really like a doll but this strange makeup style is still very threatening.

When the bride appeared, everyone made a stir. The groom is somewhat embarrassed and confused when he sees a girl whose face is different from her lover, even “not like people”.

OMG: The Bride’s “Makeup Transformation” Shocked Everyone Including the Groom.
Makeup transformation shocked everyone 

Shortly thereafter, photos of this Indonesian bride are spread like viruses on social networks. Many netizens could not understand the bride’s decision and asked the question:

“Does the bride did some guilty to makeup expert?”

Another person said; “I feel like a ghost doll, thankfully, the groom who did not run away,”

“Is the bride happy to have makeup like this? I’m curious”,

“What did the bride do with My face in this big day? The bride’s aesthetic eyes are really strange, ordinary people can’t explain"

Source: 24h
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