Madonna Shared a Throwback N*de of Herself & Explained Why She Modelled

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Madonna posted a throwback nude photograph of herself on Instagram and Twitter to celebrate "nudity as an art."

On Wednesday, the singer posted a black and white image of herself on social media, with the caption I am 19. Living in NYC...

The singer said the photos were taken while she was studying at Martha Graham School of Dance in New York City.

In the photo, the star was sitting nude with the title of her 2015 album, “Rebel Heart”, written across her chest.

"Many of these photos were sold to Playboy and Penthouse
when I became famous," she said.

"The Photographer’s. Exploited Me and then the Patriarchy tried to Shame me for Being Naked," she added.

And she continued: "I told the Press “i Was Not Ashamed” and this became headline news."

The singer with the hit song "material girl" didn't end there. She had a lot to say and her fans on the other hand couldn't wait.

"And this turned into A collaboration between Warhol and Haring! I am the proud owner of 4 of these paintings. Given to me later as a wedding gift," the singer added.

“You cannot stop art by trying to shame it. Creation always wins,” she concluded.

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