Beneficiaries Under YEA– to Embark on a Demonstration if...

Beneficiaries under YEA–  to embark on a demonstration
Some Beneficiaries of the Youth in Afforestation programme under the Forestry commission, Youth Employment Agency have threatened to go on a demonstration over their unpaid allowances.

The beneficiaries claim for over five months since they were signed onto the programme, not even 1.00 cedis has hit their accounts. But they are expected to always report to work.

The demonstration is set to commence as the group has already made provision for security and have also plan on an assembling point.

The latest message from the YEA camp reads...



Firstly we met with the Greater Accra regional police commander concerning our demo and he assured us of police protection.

Also, he promised to let their troops follow us from our meeting point to where the petition will be submitted. But he was also particular about the number of demonstrators who will be demonstrating. He needed the number to determine the number of policemen to deploy.

In view of this, we humbly admonish All of us who would want to embark on this demo to take that bold step to partner with us and from what he said ,the sizeable the number, the more effective it will be in our favor, so between now and sunday let us know and I also want to throw it to the house to help decide which direction or route to take.

..we intended that we would meet at Obra Spot at circle to the hearts park

 then a few selected delegates from the team would submit the pettition to the Minister For Lands and Natural Resources with police escort, or we converge at Achimota new station And move to the headquarters of Forestry Commission but he encouraged that since forestry is under ministries it would be best to use the former route....again he said that we can do what ever we feel, play music with a band,wear our tags of red and be within the confines of the demonstrators but anyone who tries to assault a police office accompanying us or assault and individual or group of persons from the start of the demo till we get the the ministers,that culprit will be arrested,detained and prosecuted, he laid emphasis on the the fact that *it should not be violent in any form* or the culprit/s will face the full rigours of the law and he warned that we shouldn't vent or display our anger on the minister or try to harm anyone at the ministry since we are just petitioning him to pay us the arrears owed us....so in a nutshell this is what transpired today"

The need to embark on this demonstration according to beneficiaries is that, they feel cheated and are being exploited.

We'll keep you updated on any development.

By: Paul Fiahenoo

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